Who is Catherine Garvin?

Hi, I’m Catherine and welcome to my blog.

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Catherine Garvin City Club 2 September 24 2014Catherine Garvin attends local meet up at the City Club of Portland Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

So excited to share with you about the people, places and things that turn me on and let you in on (What everyone’s dying to know) my well-kept secret. Here it is…Yes, I was once a Playboy bunny with bunny ears, cottontail and everything! I mean (Pause) for Halloween. (Har, har) What’s up doc? Chomp, chomp… Now I’m an apiologist.

What is an apiologist? A person who studies apiology the science of honeybees.

Why Portland? Well, I was born here. In fact, I’m a fifth generation Portlander. What does that really mean? Simply, what it boils down to is my great great grandmother Mary Crawford arrived here in 1909, stayed and had a family.

Yes, the Rose City, also known as Stumptown, is still my home and I confess, as much as I love this place, I do dream of a life in Paris, France. Why?  Because Paris is crazy full of sexy, amazing and beautiful art, fashion, music, and architecture. (All of my other loves aside from honeybees)

Why do I call Portland the Rose City? Because the northwest has five kinds of rain and roses love rain.  The other nickname for Portland Stumptown hails from a time way back when there were lots and lots and lots of trees.  A commodity of timber as they say and the Willamette River banks were covered in trees all the way to the Pacific ocean.  Millions of trees. So, they cut all the trees and shipped the timber to Europe. What remained were the tree stumps, in other words, “Stumptown.”

So, what is super duper exciting and absolutely happening right now? My Top Five Favorite topics:

  • 1. Honeybees: Buy my bee book here because it’s all about year-round honeybee gardens that include flowers, shrubs, trees and water for bees.
  • 2. New nature as art exhibit called, “The Bee Baseline Portland Project: Honeybee Herbarium Collection,” By Catherine Garvin from my research data collected while mapping the urban landscape of Portland for the year-round availability of trees, shrubs and flowers for honeybees, and organic beekeeping made easy.
  • 3. My new book to be published 2017-2018 “The Cliff Hanging Honeybees of Nepal, India and South East Asia.”
  • 4. Yoga and Hiking: Yin Yang at Yoga on Yamhill: Paul Terrell
  • 5. Vegan Cooking: Making Spaghetti Squash right now for lunch

To buy one or both of my books click Hope for the Honey Bee, and click Mermaid Black Fin Under the Sellwood Bridge.

Yes, I saw a mermaid under the Sellwood Bridge on April 11, 2011 around 6:00 a.m. Hey, I really appreciate you stopping by, so let’s stay in touch, what do you think?

Thank you, thank you, thank you and many blessings, Catherine

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